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Is Family the missing piece of Theory U?


Most of us are very aware that those initial experiences in our family context marked who we are, which elections we made, our character and caused much of the scarves we hold today (and that so much personal work requires from us). That space influenced in a high way the kind of citizen we are, what do we love and hate, what kind of relations we build, how do we see and understand the world… That happened not only in our family context but mostly.

Family is our first contact with collective, with an organization or social system and in some cases is also the last one. It’s also our first attempt of a WE, and expanded identity of ME.

Being aware of that, it’s incredible how few attention we as community has put on the Family structure and development. Family understanding has been kept in the private side of life. We have studied, ruled and developed our organizations, our social agreements, our individual rights and obligations, but not with Family in the same way. It seems that the Family structure, function… has been evolving by itself according to the context evolution.

Most of us have witnessed the change in Family structure in the last few generations: from extended families to single-parent families; from solid (centralized) permanent families were boundaries were very clear and forever, to new adaptive, distributed and fast changing ones; from clearly ruled and power distribution to negotiated ones. Complexity in Family has grown in the same way society did.

Also in its functions. We can think in Family as a social structure that provides Life, Food, Roof, Protection, Love, Education, Roots, Belonging… (and probably more). But the development of the educational system has moved the gravity center of education from Family to School. The development of Social Security Systems has allowed the individual entrepreneurship and autonomy of the members building their own families and professional projects. But the old structures remain and in this last economic crisis Family has arisen as the ultimate dam that held the flow there where the state couldn’t.

But let’s suspend the previous assumption that Family follows Society, and let’s think in Family in a more (pro) active way. What if Society follows Family (also)?

Or looking from the Social Evolution Matrix perspective, how looks like a Family 4.0? or Family Evolution Matrix?

  • Family 0.0 (Communal – One Family connected/including Mother Nature)
  • Family 1.0 (Traditional awareness – Hierarchy& Control from the (origin) family)
  • Family 2.0 (Ego awareness – My own created family)
  • Family 3.0 (Stakeholder awareness – Networks & Negotiated – origin and created families and thirds)
  • Family 4.0 (Seeing and acting from the whole – Ecosystem awareness- Human Family?)

How do we evolve form EGO to ECO Family?

And what’s the higher potential emergent future right now asking for Family?

These are some questions we want to explore in the next edition of U.Lab MOOC. Do you want to join us?

Nice Lazpita